Child’s Poem


The perfect child that does things right,
The mother that cries in the deep dark night,
The perfect father that is broken now,
The perfect brother that does not know how.

The little princess learns to take care,
The perfect mother is showing wear.
The perfect father is coffin grey,
The perfect brother is going astray.

The little princess, she dreams at night,
She dreams of meadows and of fire light.
She dreams of angels that will solve it all,
She longs for peace and a future installed.

The little princess knows what to fear,
The worries have come and the end might be near,
She prays and works as never before,
Hoping in dreams that her spirit will soar.

She goes to school and is pulled aside,
She’s afraid she’s in trouble and holds the emotions inside.
“You’re going to Disneyland” the principal said.”

The princess gets anxious, she cannot wait,
October the 14th, it is a date.
A date when all her dreams will come true.
The freedom from pressures and the everyday blues.

She boards the plane and cries as she leaves,
She worries if her dad is OK!
She plays in her head her favorite song,
As the doctors have told her, “He won’t live long.”

She gets off the airplane and to her surprise,
Her fears have vanished and her soul comes alive.
For the first time in years, her prayers are answered,
The darkness around her has all been shattered.

She has a great day and when she comes home,
The princess will never be alone.
She will know of the fun and the time that they had,
She will have her memories and never be sad.

The princess, she thinks of all the other children,
And dreams that come true when you think they are hidden.
She knows now, that DREAMS DO TAKE FLIGHT,
And hugging her pillow, she now sleeps tight.

By Kimberly S. (1994)

Kimberly S. was one of the children from the 2nd year of Dreams Take Flight Calgary in 1994.
Kimberly S. was an ambassador on the flight in 2002.